Jess Connelly on Stage Fright, Documentaries, and Her Love for Shoreline Mafia | KNOWSTATE

What would Jess Connelly be doing if she wasn't making music? The "Turn Me Down" singer and songwriter got up close and personal with us as she geared up for her Mudita gig. Get to know the rising Filipina-Aussie artist who is changing the R&B game with her effortless flow and crispy throwback vibe that many of today's mainstream acts only hope to achieve.

Q: What are any special pre-show routines you have?

JC: I usually warm up, drink some Hennessy or a hot toddy, I like whisky before I perform. My dad would do that––my dad was a singer so I do that too.

Q: What songs/type of music would people be surprised to see on JCON’s playlist?

JC: I don’t think people know I listen to pretty much only rap. It’s kind of harder than your average mainstream rap. I listen to a lot of Shoreline Mafia. You know who Shoreline Mafia is? (yeah that’s like really hardcore) yeah *laughs*

Q: If you weren’t making music, what would you be doing?

JC: If i wasn’t making music? I mean, I would always say that I would be into psychology, but I also don’t know if I could do all those years in college. But you should if you want to. But I think, [perhaps] something with animals. I’m [also] a good therapist. I listen to all my friends problems.

Q: Tell us about some of your favorite moments in your career?

JC: This tour, for sure already. And when I opened for Chance The Rapper. It was an amazing moment, it was the first time I performed in an arena.

Q: What does JCON do on a regular day?

JC: When I’m not working? I’m just really chill, just stay home, keep to myself, and watch weird documentaries.

Q: What is the biggest misconception people have about you?

JC: I think one thing people definitely don’t know about me is I don’t know how to drive. Like in the Philippines, I don’t really wanna drive because it’s so traffic and yeah I’d probably have the worst road rage but I just never [learned]. I was the youngest and I never got my learner’s permit and I just still haven’t driven... ever!

Q: Do you have stage fright?

JC: I get anxiety, before I would get so scared or so nervous but I think because this is just the second tour I’m just starting now, and the whole flow of everything, I’m really comfortable with it now and I like it. It’s weird to say I like being tired.. it’s either I’m chill or I’m full throttle, there’s no in between. I drink Hennessy. But you know I also breathe and stretch––stretching’s really good.

Jess Connelly has wrapped up her Asian tour alongside Malaysian pop star Alex.tbh. She was featured in the Hong Kong leg in Mudita Hong Kong, presented by Collective Minds.